Ben Carson: I Chose To Be Straight

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It’s not often a presidential hopeful is this open and honest when discussing sexual orientation, but Dr. Ben Carson isn’t your ordinary candidate. He recently spoke with CNN regarding prisoners who, while in prison, sometimes end up with other men. Carson believes this is because people can choose to be gay, and in an interview with Free Wood Post he offered this statement:

“In this life we’re given many choices. When we’re kids, it’s what clothes we want to wear, or toys we want to play with, or what sport we want to play. Those choices continue on throughout our lives. Choices that shape us into who we are as human beings. When a person gets to a certain age they start noticing a sexual attraction to others, and it’s at that moment, we can choose to be heterosexual or homosexual. I chose to be straight. It was a decision that has carried me through my adult life and I don’t regret my personal choice. Just like with these prisoners. They may have chosen on the outside when they were younger to be straight, but the choice made sense for them in prison to be gay. I don’t know, I’m not them, but that was their right to choose, just as I made my choice early on in my adolescence.”

Only time will tell to see if these remarks will stay with Dr. Carson as he tries to delve into the world of presidential candidacy. One thing is for certain, it’s refreshing to finally see a politician be so forthright and honest.

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