Looks Like Netanyahu Is Now The GOP Front-Runner

With contenders lining up to become the next potential Republican nominee for President of the United States in the upcoming election, one man is standing out among the rest as the front-runner — Benjamin Netanyahu.

John Boehner is already asking to be his potential running-mate. He honestly can’t get enough of the man, which was evident by his overreach of power when as Speaker of the House he invited Israel’s Netanyahu to speak to Congress last March. It may also explain why Boehner resigned — to leave himself open to run alongside his BFF.

Boehner doesn’t care if he seems treasonous, though, saying, “He’s my pal, and pals come first. The United States will learn to love him as I do, and I especially feel he’ll make a terrific president. I’m looking forward to him becoming the Republican nominee. I’ve already made sure his nomination is paid for, I mean, um, will be as good of chance as any in regards to the other contenders.”

Many Democrats in Congress are outraged that Netanyahu is even being considered as a potential candidate for President of the United States. Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said, “Who does this guy think he is? First, he comes here and tells us how to do our jobs, and now he wants to make that bossiness permanent. I don’t think so, bud. Not in these United States. Never.”

Republicans are aware that Netanyahu is not a United States citizen and that may throw a kink into a potential nomination, but they aren’t deterred and are currently seeking ways to skirt the issue. Rumor has it that Bibi’s mother was born in the United States, so if voters are seriously considering Canadian-born Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), it’s not out of the realm of possibility for Netanyahu either.

What’s to come of the Republican potential path to the White House? That’s yet to be determined. However, the journey has certainly been interesting to watch.

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