Romney’s Poverty Solution: Just Sweep Them Under The Rug


According to Mitt Romney who wouldn’t admit income inequality existed back in 2012, income inequality is one of the worst problems in the United States.

Well, to keep in line with his previous views of the bottom 47% he deems moochers, he’s come up with a plan to get rid of income inequality once and for all — sweep them under the rug.

In an exclusive interview with Free Wood Post Romney said:

“You see, income inequality doesn’t have to exist. It doesn’t have to be seen. If we simply eradicate poverty completely by sweeping the poor and less fortunate under the rug and continue to only pay attention to the very wealthy, the United States will look like a remarkably successful nation.

What we can do is close public schools, open for profits for only those who can afford it, and use the extra money as a tax write-off for tuition of the wealthiest students. We can close down all libraries, public transportation, and even highways, and require everyone who actually wants to get around to use their personal helicopters like me. How do you think I get around? Car? HA!

We can put an end to Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare and hope for the best that people will die off quickly so they don’t suffer too much. I’m human after all, no need for suffering. We can then open sections of town only for the poor and gate them in so they don’t bother anyone else. Then maybe we can implement some form of purge, you know, just like the movie, and then the rest of the poor can sign up for the military to make sure we have enough folks to protect our oil interests overseas.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for my plans to eradicate the poor, I mean poverty. There’s so much more we can do.

My slogan for 2016 will be be “Sweep the Deck!” and I can’t wait to get started!”

Free Wood Post does not endorse any of these plans.

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