CNN Admits To Pranking America By Making Don Lemon Seem Like Legitimate News Anchor


It’s all starting to make sense, really. For several years now CNN has been highlighting Don Lemon as one of their top news anchors. Little did we know it’s been a prank long in he making to prove how awful cable news media has become.

Lemon, who has had flub after flub, has finally put his foot so far in his mouth, CNN had to come clean.

On a recent broadcast, Lemon asked a Muslim-American Human Rights Lawyer if he supports the deadly extremist group ISIS.

I mean, because who would ask that, right? The prank became obvious.

Thursday morning CNN released the following statement:

“After years of trying to conduct a social experiment on the public viewing audience, CNN has now made the judgement that it is appropriate to clarify our intent and actions. News Anchor Don Lemon is not a legitimate anchor. He’s a paid actor to reveal the inadequacies of cable news journalism. We apologize for any confusion, and we feel before anymore damage is done it was important to end the experiment effective immediately.”

Hopefully, cable news media and the viewing public has learned a valuable lesson in all of this, and a new higher standard in journalism will now commence.

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