Americans Deem Dick Cheney Back In Spotlight As Torture


With former Vice President Dick Cheney back in the spotlight to cherish the memories of when he led the effort to torture people violating the Geneva Convention, many Americans are left feeling a lot of discomfort and uneasiness seeing his face again.

Becky from Wisconsin said:

“I thought he was gone. Why do we need to be reminded of the worst eight years this country has ever seen? His war profiteering and supposed legalized torture have tarnished the American brand forever. Just go away and stay away!”

Mark from Pennsylvania told Free Wood Post:

“Seeing his face is like a sucker punch to the gut. We were suckered into that administration. We were literally tortured for eight years! Two unpaid for wars, skyrocketing debt with cut taxes, so there’s no means to pay for it, deregulated Wall Street, outsourcing, and no accountability from anyone! We were left kicked to the curb in the worst recession since the Great Depression. Stop showing him on TV. It’s torturing us all over again!”

Walter from Colorado said:

“It’s cruel and unusual is what it is. Why are they doing this to us? They bring on the guy who pushed for torture to talk about torture? The man should be in prison! He and that administration are war criminals!”

Cheney has been appearing on talk show after talk show praising the use of enhanced interrogation tactics, but what are these talk shows trying to get us to reveal by continually showing his face? Stop already! It’s violating law-abiding citizens the freedom to let him drift into the oblivion of history books.

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