Obama Pardons Turkeys, Republicans Scream Executive Overreach


Today President Obama took part in the time honored tradition of pardoning two turkeys on the eve of Thanksgiving. This may seem innocuous enough, but it has some Republican fuming.

Congressman Darrell Issa, known for his many futile probes into Benghazi screamed executive overreach and is calling for a full investigation.

Issa had this to say, “He [Obama] should first get approval from the Congress before pardoning anyone. This isn’t a monarchy. He has taken his executive powers too far.”

It wasn’t long before other Republicans jumped on board. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas added his opinion, “Just as with immigration, the president is forcing his will upon the people. How do we know these Turkeys deserve to be pardoned? Isn’t that up to a court? How do we even know they are Americans? They could have come across the Canadian border. They could be terrorists and he just set them free on the American public.”

When it was explained that many presidents including Bush and Reagan had also taken part in the ritual of pardoning turkeys the republican became more enraged and demanded an immediate investigation into Obama.

The early estimates of the cost of the investigation in in the neighborhood of $300,000 per day of tax payer dollars.

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