Ferguson To Hold Pumpkin Festival To Calm Media Depiction Of Riots

Pumpkin Festival Riots -- Keene, NH

Pumpkin Festival Riots — Keene, NH

After the failure to indict Officer Darren Wilson of Ferguson, MO after the shooting death of Michael Brown, many took the street to voice their displeasure.

There were peaceful demonstrations alongside massive riots, as well as immense property damage, and the media caught it all on camera. Many networks depicted the peaceful protesters as the rioters and made sure they looked one in the same.

In an effort to give the displeasure in the lack of an indictment more legitimacy and calm the fear of rioting in the 24-Hour news that loves themselves some good disaster coverage, citizens of Ferguson have decided to throw a pumpkin festival like the one held in Keene, NH.

In Keene, when fires were lit, property destroyed and projectiles hurled at officers it was seen as yes destructive and people were arrested, but you know, it was just kids being kids, and it got a little out of hand.

The Ferguson Pumpkin Festival will be held immediately to let the media and public know that it’s okay, it’s only a riot over pumpkins, not the death of a child with no indictment of his killer.

Rioting is never okay nor productive, but at least it will be legitimized in the eyes of the public and people will assume it’s just, you know, kids being kids.

Other than that, there should really be no more distinguishing features between the two riots. None. At. All.

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