Julia Roberts Quarantined For Infectious Laugh


MALIBU, CA — Several witnesses at a local market in Malibu, CA were taken off guard when a severely wonderful sound passed through their ears and they were overcome with the overwhelming urge to giggle.

Jill of Calabasas said, “I turned around and I saw Julia Roberts standing behind me in line talking to someone on her phone and laughing. Before I knew it, I was laughing too, and so were three or four other patrons standing around me. It was uncontrollable, and also delightful. We didn’t want it to stop. Then, all of a sudden the entire front end of the market was giggling and smiling. A police officer standing nearby even broke out a little chuckle, as he urged everyone to remain calm. Once Ms. Roberts left the store everything seemed to get back to normal.”

When the CDC heard about this overwhelmingly infectious laugh they rushed into action and urged Roberts to stay in her home for several days to let things get back to normal.

If not for the swift action of several local citizens there may have been an all out giggle fit spreading across Southern California and into bordering states as well as Mexico.

If you’re in need of an infectious laugh, we here at Free Wood Post recommend any of Julia Roberts lovely, lighthearted comedies.

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