REPORT: Fear Found Highly Contagious, Experts Urge Quarantine Of Media


With fear abounding over Ebola in the United States, experts urge caution of something found even more risky and contagious — fear.

Fear spreads like wildfire in a heavily susceptible environment, especially one that makes money off of selling it.

It would seem that citizens in the United States are constantly looking for something to be afraid of next. When that something presents itself, the corporatized media spreads it like the plague. Many then catch it and spread it to their close friends and family.

The fear spread over Ebola is the latest fear-based plague to sweep across the United States.

While the fear is very real and legitimate in West Africa as the death toll continues to rise by the thousands, here in the U.S. one person has died, and all other cases have come from direct contact with Ebola patients. Yet, you wouldn’t think that by watching the news, where hours of coverage are spent making people worried over something that has absolutely nothing to do with them. But hey, ratings right?

In an exclusive interview with a few Ebola and Psychology experts regarding their recent findings, Free Wood Post was able to conclude that the only epidemic currently occurring inside the United States is, in fact, fear. To limit the spread of this disease all corporatized media outlets seeking higher ratings from manipulating the masses into being afraid are urged to place themselves under quarantine and an immediate blackout.

The quarantine blackout of media is to include, but is not limited to, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, et al. If a member of these media outlets seeks to reach airwaves they will be placed under supervised house arrest.

The only way to combat the ever-growing amount of fear in the United States is to limit exposure to those carrying the disease.

This quarantine is recommended to go into effect immediately.

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