Governor Perry Closes All Borders To Texas Fearing “Ebola Terrorists”


In an unprecedented move Texas, Governor Rick Perry has ordered that all roads that lead in and out of Texas and all borders be closed. Massive fences have begun going up all around the state.

In a press statement made this morning, the Governor expressed his fear that more Ebola terrorists might try to enter Texas. In an effort to save the good people of the Lone Star state, Perry had every border sealed.

Texas currently holds the one known Ebola case in the country, a man from Liberia that came to visit family in Dallas.

Perry alluded to the fact that he believed the man to be a terrorist, deliberately entering Texas to infect others on an Oct. 1 interview on Hannity. The interview transcripts, have since been censored. However, it seems clear that Gov. Perry stands by his words on the show since as of this morning workers all over Texas began assembling fences to cut of Texas from the rest of the country.

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