Other Offensive Jeopardy Categories


Monday’s broadcast of Jeopardy featured a category titled “What Women Want” implying women only want vacuum cleaners, good jeans, and sleepy time tea. This raised an uproar on Twitter and forced the producers of the decades-long-running game show to review other categories they were thinking of using:


“What Men Want”

Something you need when you’re hungry with a wife barefoot in the kitchen. — What is a sandwich?

Quiet time is a must during this activity, unless of course you’re connected in. — What is playing video games?

Looking to score? First make sure you have a pocket full of these. — What is Rohypnol?

Game time isn’t any fun without one of these to get the drinks. — What is a beer wench?

Don’t get your panties in a wad, unless of course they’re already in a wad, on the floor. — What is the perfect one night stand?


“The NFL”

Profit. — What is most important to Roger Goodell?

Profit. — What comes before the safety of players’ wives?

Profit. — What comes before the safety of players’ children?

Profit. — What comes before the safety of animals?

Profit. — What comes before finally noticing you’ve employed a bunch of criminals.


“KKK Heroes”

A man who knew what he wanted and how to get it. — Who is Adolf Hitler?

The best form of invisibility cloak to hide any identity. — What is a white sheet?

This former Texas representative was seen in a picture with a former Grand Wizard. — Who is Ron Paul?

These were just a few of the categories scrapped after the uproar over “What Women Want”… hopefully they’ve learned their lesson and have returned back from 1957 to 2014.

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