NFL Tax Exempt Status Explained: Football Recognized As Religion In USA


For years, many have wondered why the National Football League (NFL) receives a tax exempt status. All of the teams are for-profit entities, but the NFL seems to get away with being, somehow, nonprofit.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell explained in an exclusive interview with Free Wood Post that the reason the NFL is categorized as a not-for-profit is because football is a religion in the United States.

“Football is a sacred sport in here. It’s a religion. People have dedicated a lot of time and money to make this work for all the fans. The fans who worship the game, the players, and treat the stadiums like houses of worship. I mean, look at the Vikings new stadium plans, the place looks like a church… because it is. And that’s why we must continue to receive tax exempt status. It’s against the first amendment to tell people they are wrong regarding who they worship, and football fans worship football. The coaches are our church leaders and pastors, the owners and management are our trustees and deacons, and the ushers are, well, the ushers.”

Whether you agree or disagree, there you have it.

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