EXCLUSIVE: John McCain Apologizes To Supporters For Sarah Palin, “Inflicting Her On Our Proud Nation”


After news broke of Sarah Palin and her family getting into a drunken snowmobiling brawl, Sen. John McCain’s office reports they have been inundated with calls and emails from angry supporters who blame the Senator for introducing her to the nation.

In response, the Senator has begun sending out letters apologizing. We obtained one such letter, which reads:

Thank you for your note. Yes, I too was horrified when I read about Sarah Palin and her family getting in a drunken snowmobiling brawl. Not a day goes by when I don’t regret selecting her as my running mate, and I apologize to you and your family for ever inflicting her on our proud nation.

The office says that “Sen. McCain will sign and send a letter to any American who feels that his introduction of Gov. Palin angered them. If you want your own letter, just contact us through our official government website at www.mccain.senate.gov.”


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