ESPN Gives Play-By-Play Of Michael Sam Brushing His Teeth


ESPN has been very detailed lately regarding the daily hygiene habits of St. Louis Rams defensive end Michael Sam.

Recently, ESPN has let us know when Sam showers, and now we’re getting the play-by-play of his dental routine. According to Josina Anderson of SportsCenter, he brushes his teeth at least twice per day.

“I’m standing outside the home of St. Louis Rams defensive end Michael Sam and receiving word that after the football player woke up he made a brilliant maneuver to the bathroom, grabbed his toothbrush, delicately placed toothpaste on the bristles and proceeded to brush the entirety of his mouth,” said Anderson during Tuesday’s broadcast. “We have word that Sam also brushed his teeth and flossed before he went to bed so that he could go to bed with fresh breath. There are a few unconfirmed sources that have said they’ve witnessed Sam brushing a few other times during the day, so all in all he has seems to have very good dental hygiene habits.”

We here at Free Wood Post are glad ESPN has such important investigative reporting. These are the things that really matter about how a football player performs on the field.

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