New Poll Shows Ebola More Popular Than Congress


With each and everyday that Congress doesn’t pass any meaningful legislation, the American people grow even more frustrated with them. For example, only fifteen percent of Americans approve of the way Congress is handling its job, according to Gallup. And more than one in five say replacing all members is best way to fix it.

Nonetheless, even as  Ebola–the deadly West African disease–is making  a comeback and poising a public heath threat to Americans traveling to and from the West African region, the dangerous disease is still more  popular than the current Congress.

According to the latest public survey, it seems that Americans approve of Ebola’s performance by 16 percent while only giving 15 percent approval to Congress.

“I know the disease could kill me,  but I feel like its way more active and more in touch with humans than any Republican member of Congress,” said Carol Sansa, a NY resident and  frequent traveler to Sierra Leone. 

George Peterson, an epidemiologist and employee of the CDC, echoed similar sentiments.

“Ebola takes just two weeks to do major damage to innocent people, whereas Congress ruins the lives of people over the course of years,” said Peterson.

Outside of the two Americans who contracted the Ebola virus and were flown back to America to receive treatment, there has been no other confirmed reports of Americans contracting the deadly disease. In the mean time, the current Congress continues to linger and ruin people’s lives.




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