Sarah Palin Announces Presidential Run and Ban on Beavers


Former Republican Governor Sarah Palin has outdone herself, yet again. In an interview regarding her new Sarah Palin channel, the former Vice Presidential candidate was asked about her family and she let slip her plans to run for president as well as her bizarre hatred of beavers.

“Everyone is doing just great. Of course, I’ve been on the road trying to save America and promote my new channel so I haven’t seen to much of Todd. He prefers to stay home when I’m away.”

She continued.

“I got home late the other night and overheard him bragging to his buddies about how much beaver he was getting while I was away. My Todd loves to hunt.”

After an extremely long and awkward silence, Palin added.

“Oh, I know what you’re thinking. Beaver is a bad word. It’s nothing like that. We should change the name. We should call them what they are. Water rats. In fact when I’m president that’s going to be my first order of business. No more beavers. they’re dirty stinky things.”

In one fell swoop, Palin managed to announce a run for the White House while reminding the world why she shouldn’t be allowed to leave her own house.

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