Downed Facebook Frightened Millennials Into Thinking They May Need To Learn Social Skills


WORLD WIDE WEB — For a brief moment today, the world was without Facebook. It was terrifying for most, but for Millennials, it was a giant wake-up call.

For the generation who group up talking to each other through the internet, they were faced with the broad realization that they may actually have to face their peers face to face. Even the remote concept of this was enough for many to crawl under their beds and hide until their security blanket of social networking reappeared within an hour.

Millennials almost had to learn Social Skills — the skill of “facilitating interaction and communication with others.”

This group of young adults, raised in a world of technology, where they can hide behind the guise of a keyboard and screen, almost had to be, well… human… at least for a moment.

Some Millennials even peeked outside the window and noticed a bird sipping from a flower for maybe the first time in their adult life… for these things only happened in videos streaming in the palm of their hands.

Not to worry though, Facebook came back to life as Millennials breathed an audible sigh of relief. They quickly posted their ordeals of a Facebookless world on Facebook the moment it returned.

Crisis averted.

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