Oklahoma Town Swallowed Whole by Massive Earthquake: ‘Fracking Not To Blame’


BREAKING Blanchard, Oklahoma: In the early morning hours the small town of Blanchard Oklahoma, population 7,670, was hit by a devastating earthquake. A massive sink hole opened up directly under the peaceful community and essentially swallowed the town whole.

Blanchard lies South East of Oklahoma city and is largely an agricultural city. It is also home to hundreds of fracking and injection wells. Even before they have damage and casualty reports, Republican officials in the state were quick to state that, “Fracking was not to blame.” One went so far as to blame the disaster on gay marriage.

Fracking and injections wells (Wells that pump millions of gallons of waste water from the fracking wells back into the earth) have long been suspected of causing the cluster of earthquakes Oklahoma has been suffering in the past few years.

Oklahoma has over 10,000 wells, 6.000 of which are injection wells. Since the wells began production Oklahoma has suffered more earthquakes than California, averaging over 200 per year.

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