LeBron James To Become His Own Team, ‘Answer To No One’


There’s been a lot of speculation as to where basketball star and champion LeBron James will end up next now that he is a free agent and no longer wants to continue on with the team that’s provided his glory.

Well, the wait is over, and James is taking the ball into his own court (pun intended). He’s decided to become a one man show and form his own team, the King James Pioneers.

James will of course design the logo himself and sport the number one since that’s, of course, as he sees himself.

It has been rumored that James will even coach himself and pay himself $40B per season, because sure, why not? He even told ESPN that he wants to “answer to no one.”

James is certain he will win a championship no matter the team he is on, so why not form his own, of just himself, and no one else.

Only time will tell to see if this was a smart move by the basketball star.

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