Hillary to Karl Rove: ‘And you are?’


Much ado has been made regarding Karl Rove’s comments about Hillary Clinton. However, when Free Wood Post asked Hillary what she thought about the comments she had a perplexed look on her face.

“I really don’t care what that man says. He’s old news. He’s been trying for a long time to get corporate voices into Congress and the White House, and although previously successful, he’s kind of drifted into the oblivion of lost political icons. I mean, did you see him on Fox News election night 2012? It might as well have been an SNL sketch. Quite honestly, if he were to say what he said to my face I’d say, “And you are?” If he’s that threatened by me to make things up, well then by all means, go for it. No one is taking him seriously anymore anyway, and he’s just digging himself into a deeper hole.”

When we tried to pry her for information regarding the 2016 election the only thing she said was, “Oh, I don’t know” and winked.

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