Chelsea Clinton’s Baby Already Frontrunner in 2052 Election


If there’s one thing Americans seem to love, it’s dynasties. From Bush to Clinton to Duck. As the news of Chelsea Clinton’s baby hit the newswire, it only took Democrats a hot minute to have the baby in the running for the 2052 presidential election. Liberals are certain that whether a boy or a girl, that baby will be a tremendous leader.

Linda Goodington of Melrose, MA said, “that baby will be a natural born leader. I mean, look at the blood line. Having Bill and Hill as grandparents is the thing political dynasties are made from. I personally can’t wait until 2052 to cast my vote for that little bundle of joy.”

Currently the baby is the frontrunner in the election. We can be certain of this, because as far as we know he/she is the only candidate in the running as of yet.

Free Wood Post attempted to reach Chelsea for comment, but as of now we have not heard back. We will keep you up to date as the impending future leader of the free world comes into the free world.

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