“Cosmos” Proving Difficult for Small Children, Fox News Viewers to Grasp


Despite the best efforts of the show’s creators, the subject matter in the reboot of Carl Sagan’s classic science series “Cosmos” has been found to be too difficult for children and Fox News viewers to grasp.

Fox News viewers had problems with the lack of “God” mentions, the “alleged” age of the earth, and the idea that evolution has occurred and continues to occur on the planet. Self-professed “Number 1 O’Reilly fan” Scott Benjamin weighed in: “There’s no way a dog is related to a wolf. Wolves and dogs were both on Noah’s ark, just like dinosaurs and bananas. I guess you think I’m supposed to believe this guy just because he wears a suit, doesn’t shout for motherfucking iced tea, and is on TV? Come on, I wasn’t born yesterday! You know they don’t even know why the tides go in and out. It hasn’t been figured out after all of these years. Nobody knows! And the fact that President Obama introduced this whole show at the beginning already shows that it’s a liberally-biased show and should not be trusted. Did you hear that Michelle Obama’s vacation is costing the taxpayers $1 Billion per day?”

Children found the larger numbers hard to conceive of. “I can’t really conceive of the number one billion” said Virginia six year old Brian Hansen. But they had no problem understanding common ancestry of all life on earth. That made perfect sense to them. “Of course. It all makes perfect sense when you compare the common genetic markers found within the DNA sequences of thousands of difference organisms across the planet.”

The show’s creators had attempted to make the subject easy to digest and understand for those not typically familiar with science, and they’ve actually received many complaints that the show is “way too basic.” Astrophysicist host Neil deGrasse Tyson says, “The show has a lot of great information for anyone who really wants to understand and learn.”

“Cosmos” airs Sunday nights at 9:00pm eastern standard time on Fox.

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