Arizona Drafting Law To Only Allow Straight White Christian Men Within State Lines


PHOENIX, AZ — Not taking any chances that anyone outside their bubble of intolerance enters in, a new bill is currently being drafted that will only allow straight white Christian men inside Arizona state lines.

Governor Jan Brewer, even though she is a woman and would be banned from her own state, is still on the fence about whether or not she would sign the bill.

“I just don’t know,” said Brewer. “It seems to be the will of this legislative body to keep out anyone who doesn’t look like their reflection in the mirror. I’m going to have to think long and hard about what will be best for Arizona.”

Senator Al Melvin (R) said, “This is not about discrimination, it’s about freedom. The men in Arizona need to be free to not have to look at, interact, or even breathe the same air as people who aren’t exactly like us. I mean look at me. I’m perfect. Not a thing not to like. That’s what we need here in Arizona. I hope other states start considering the same thing.”

Many in Arizona are not surprised, but do plan on protesting the bill as soon as it is drafted and put up for discussion.

Free Wood Post will keep you updated as this legislative story unfolds.

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