Abusive Husband Blames Obamacare For Hurricanes, Drought, Breakup of His Family


Abusive Oklahoma husband and father ‘Tank’ Hamilton has had it with Obamacare. He spoke with Free Wood Post about his many grievances concerning the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

“First, it costs us our freedoms, right off the bat. And freedoms are good. Then, it made that Papa John pizza guy charge more for his pizzas. And healthcare costs a lot of money now. I remember when I was a kid, the doctor would come to our house and I never paid him anything! And after Obamacare, that same doctor is dead today. I bet there are long lines now because scumbags are now getting covered. And look at the news! Hurricanes are up and drought is on the rise. And then Obamacare did something to AOL. I’m not sure what it was, but now people laugh at me when they learn that I have an AOL account.

Then, to top all of that off, it made my wife leave me with our kids. Sure, I was smacking them around on a daily basis, but who doesn’t, you know? They were getting a bit too mouthy for my liking. ‘Where were you last night? Did you drink this entire half gallon of vodka? Can I have something to eat? Please stop beating us!’ On and on and on like a broken record! Well, now with this Obamacare thing, they can go off and live their lives away from me and not have to stay with me to use the healthcare I get from the mill.

She says she signed up for her own plan on some ‘insurance exchange’… So I just want everyone to know that Obama is breaking up families, all across America. Probably gonna make my kids gay, too.”

Mr. Hamilton also added that while he’s not completely positive it was Obamacare that made his wife leave, it was either that or the chemtrails.

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