Bush Claims ‘Affluenza’ Caused Him to Enter Iraq


It appears George W. Bush still does not regret the Iraq war, however, he has found a new reason as to why he made that fateful decision–affluenza. During a recent interview on Fox News, host Chris Wallace asked former President George W. Bush whether or not he regretted his decision to send troops into Iraq.  The former President’s response was both candid and shocking.

BUSH: Well, Chris, as the decider I had to make hard decisions while in office.  I  never take back the decisions I made to keep the American people safe, but I can say that I was predisposed to making some rather impulsive decisions that may not have turned out the way I wanted them to. I dont’ feel guilty sending troops into Iraq because it was a result of my affluenza.

WALLACE:  Affluenza? How so?

BUSH:  Well, ya know, some fellas suffer from affluenza.  I’m one of them.  I grew up not having   many boundaries.  I could sleep through my classes, drive drunk, and sniff coke off a stripper– yet still know my daddy would have a job for me.  So think about it–when you don’t suffer consequences growing up, you just don’t think of them as an adult.  You shouldn’t be blamed for something you can’t help.  It’s a disease.

The former President isn’t the only Texan suffering from affluenza.  Recently, a Texas teen was put into rehab for affluenza after killing four people in a drunk driving incident.  So far the affluenza strain has stayed within the borders of Texas; however, the CDC is rumored to be investigating the situation.

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