Chris Christie Offers Traffic Advice For Superbowl


Chris Christie, although embroiled in a massive scandal over his administration’s closure of the most heavily used bridge in the country, including wall-to-wall media coverage and a growing  US Attorney’s investigation, Chris Christie is offering traffic advice for the Superbowl.

Chris Christie, a Cowboys fan, wants to help Seahawks and Broncos fans

Seeing as Chris Christie is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and that they missed the playoffs, he wants to give a little payback to the Denver Broncos. The Denver Broncos, the representing the AFC in Superbowl XLVII, defeated governor Christie’s Cowboys in dramatic fashion during the regular season.

“I really do hope that the Denver Broncos and their fans enjoy the Superbowl at Metlife Stadium,said a jubilant Chris Chirstie, happy to discuss something over then his involvement in the GWB. “That’s why I’m proud to offer the Denver Broncos and their fans the most inconvenient and congested routes to Metlife Stadium” 

Notwithstanding, Chris Christie vigorously denied claims that this was seen as payback for the Broncos badly beating in his Dallas Cowboys.

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