Santa Responds To Megyn Kelly: ‘I Watch MSNBC And You Know Nothing Of My Work’


Fox News’ Megyn Kelly caused quite a stir this week when she insisted that both Santa and Jesus are white. But while Megyn Kelly probably just thought that she was speaking only to a group of misinformed and angry white people, she actually reached Santa Claus himself.
Santa Responds to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly:

“I only watch MSNBC and Megyn Kelly knows nothing of my work” said an irate Santa during Blitzen’s podcast 

But even though Santa never watches Fox News, he mentioned that he often makes his elves watch it so he doesn’t have to. Apparently that’s how he got word of Megyn Kelly’s comments.

“If I ever forget why to hate President Obama or something, I usually ask my elves what they saw on Fox News. But I never thought that my good name would be distorted,” 

When asked about the analogy Megyn Kelly made, Santa said the following:

“I’m a fictitious guy and Fox News is fictitious news.” Adding, “The only difference is that I bring gifts just once a year, whereas Fox News keeps on giving gifts all year long.”

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