NJ Gov. Chris Christie Unveils Obamacare Online Slot Game


NJ Governor Chris Christie legalized online gambling in the state of New Jersey, making it even easier to develop a major gambling addiction, and online gambling began in earnest last week. Obviously there is nothing but “Medical Marijuana” Anonymous groups throughout the greater United States, so Chris Christie is only thinking about the children by making highly addictive, life-savings child-like games legally available online.

Chris Christie Offers Obamacare Slot Game

“People’s personal health has always been a volatile gamble, exploited by the gangsters in the private insurance industry, said Chris Christie. Adding, “since I refused an Obamacare statewide exchange to be set up in New Jersey, I want to make the gamble of existing health coverage an actual gamble.”

The existence of statewide exchange would’ve taken the burden off the overloaded and severely troubled Federal Healthcare.gov site. NJ residents can readily play the Obamacare slot game online, and try to beat the odds of losing to the whims of the free market. If  they get three Obamacare frames in a row, then they’ll usually win more money back. But that hasn’t happened very often.

Pete Pinkman of Egg Harbor Twp, New Jersey,  for example, claims he has played the game quite often. He says he finds himself shouting “Come on! Baby needs chiropractic coverage!” at the screen each and every time he places a new bet. But he says that since the game was designed with the heartless gamble of existing private health insurance, he typically always gets a dreaded “You Have a Pre-Existing Condition” frame and loses.

“It seems like the more money I put in, the less wins I get,” said Pinkman

Governor Chris Christie hopes that enough people will play the game in order to keep premiums on his 2016 presidential run low.



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