Many Americans Pissed Obamacare Prevents Them From Being Screwed By Insurance Companies


Well, it’s true, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, is booting some people off their existing insurance plans and people are pissed.

Now instead of paying hundreds to thousands per month and having a deductible also in the thousands while having a plan that barely covers anything people will now have the opportunity to get better coverage. It’s outrageous is what it is.

Under the new health law, health insurance companies are being forced to use the money for coverage instead of profit. President Obama obviously hates insurance company CEOs and American citizens’ right to be screwed over.

Free Wood Post caught up with a few outraged citizens:

“My current health plan is being dropped and now I’m forced to find a new plan,” said Judy Forrestsmith. “Before I was paying $1500 per month with a $5000 deductible and barely any prescriptions covered, and now this president made it so I have preventative coverage included, prescription benefits, I can’t be denied, I get a subsidy to pay for my care, there’s no cap on coverage, and I won’t have to file for bankruptcy if something happens to me. I mean really, who does he think he is? What if I want to pay those insurance companies $18,000 per year, $5000 more out-of-pocket, and be denied coverage if I seem too expensive? Now I don’t have that choice!”

Edgar Millonsty said, “All I want is to have the ability to be denied again and pay way more than I receive back in coverage. Is that too much to ask? I’m getting really tired of this dictatorship telling me I should be paying less and receiving more. It’s just undercover Marxism.”

“First they’ll make sure we have health care then what’s next, maintaining our voting rights? Allowing homosexuals to be seen as equal and not get taxed more? Use money for education instead of war?” said Larry Belittleton. ” I can’t believe we would have a president who cares more about the people than profit. It sickens me.”

The new health care law going into effect has people who enjoy being screwed over extraordinarily angry, and they should be. Now, with health insurance companies being forced to actually provide coverage people will no longer just be throwing their money away and padding the pockets of insurance company CEOs’ pockets.

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