Slow Government Healthcare Website Obviously Means We Should Go Back To Not Giving A Shit About The Sick


Well, it’s official, the government healthcare website has had a dicey rollout. Which can only mean one thing, throw out the entire health law and go back to the healthcare system that denied people who need insurance the most, hiked premiums, charged women more, and made money hand over fist off the ill and injured in the United States. We should obviously go back to not giving a shit about the sick.

It’s obvious we should throw the baby out with the bathwater. Just get rid of the whole thing. Forget fixing the website, or advising people to enroll via the three other methods to obtain health insurance in the marketplace. Nope, we should just call it a failure and move on.

It’s not like we need our health to survive or anything, and besides the private market should decide our fate, right? They’ll have our best interest at heart, right? They won’t overcharge or consider our lives less valuable than their shareholders and profits, right?


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