Fight For Term Limits Hits Snag With Existence of Freshman Senator Ted Cruz


Citizen activist group GTFO, “Good Term limits For Office”, has been working to institute term limits for Congressional members since 1975. But the well-respected group has decided that it will close its doors this fall. The last of the dedicated employees was let go last week.

“My life’s work,” said founder Heather Stephenson . “I don’t know what I’m going to do now.” Stephenson started GTFO 38 years ago in a Northern Virginia coffee shop.

“We figured this was a winning issue for both liberals and conservatives. They were just wheeling in old white corpses to keep doing the same things over and over again. No, literally. I think about 300 Senators alone have died in office. And Senator Byrd actually died 2 years earlier than reported.”

“Power corrupts. So move out the corrupted lawmakers and bring in some fresh idealistic blood, ” we thought.”

“We need to get rid of these bums!” we thought. “We can’t do any worse! Bring some random businessman or lawyer in and see what happens.”

“Well, then Ted Cruz happened.”

But now that Ted Cruz is in the Senate, Stephenson believes she might be starting a new venture, TIME-FML, “Time to Institute Mental Exams For Makers of Law”.

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