Businesses Excited To Blame Their Apathy On Obamacare


CORPORATE, AMERICA — It seems many corporations throughout the United States are ecstatic about the Affordable Care Act.

For years they’ve had to be soulless entities that only care about the bottom line, and they’ve had to do so under the guise of being greedy and uncaring. However, now they found a new scapegoat in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Now instead of paying living wages at full time hours they have found a way to “trim the fat” by cutting hours to avoid providing benefits for their employees and employee families.

The CEO of Douchecanoe, Inc. said in an interview with Free Wood Post, “It was like a giant gift wrapped present given to us to really be able to legally screw people over with none of the blame. We have the cash, we just want if for ourselves. Many far right Republicans are even doing our dirty work for us telling the American public that us cutting hours and benefits is the fault of Obamacare. It’s genius.”

If only there was a way to offer health care to all and separate it from employment altogether. Something like the rest of the industrialized world. If only…

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