Male Celebrities Who May Have Baby Bumps

HOLLYWOOD, CA — While many tabloids and gossip bloggers like to speculate when a female celebrity is pregnant because her belly is protruding more than a piece of plywood, there are many male celebrities who may also have baby bumps.

Now for all we know these men could’ve just eaten a large burrito, or a piece of cake, or maybe even any form of food, but that doesn’t mean we here at Free Wood Post believe them when they say they’re not pregnant. We plan to fully expose them to the critique of the general public for all to decide.

Ryan Gosling:


Obviously his belly is sticking out more than usual and he isn’t glammed up for a photo, so this obviously indicates he’s preggers.

Channing Tatum:


Uh oh, look who may have a bun in the oven. Yes, it seems like Channing Tatum also isn’t telling us something.

Ryan Reynolds: 



Guess who’s not looking like his normal beefcake self? Ryan Reynolds can’t keep our prying eyes away from his obvious secrets.


Mario Lopez:  


Nooo!!! Not you too Mario! We don’t want you to lose that awesome figure!


Robert Pattinson:


It would seem our favorite vampire is also expecting a little bundle of joy soon.


We here at Free Wood Post will keep you up to date as we investigate the probable pregnancies of these male celebrities. Please let us know in the comment section if you believe any of these men may in fact be with child, or if you know for sure.

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