White Tea Party Member Declares Racism Is Over As He Asks For President Obama’s Birth Certificate


Recently there has been a surge in conversation regarding race and racism in America, especially after the George Zimmerman verdict where he was declared not guilty of killing an unarmed black child with a direct shot through the heart. The president even joined the conversation stating that “35 years ago Trayvon could’ve been me,” and he discussed how he used to be profiled and get dirty looks.

Well, according to Joe Bob Smithson, a white man and Tea Party member in Sedalia, Missouri, the “Trayvon Martin incident had nothing to do with race.” In fact, he said, “racism is over and no longer exists in the United States.”

When Free Wood Post  caught up with Mr. Smithson we asked him to elaborate on his statement. He said, “Just look at the last two elections, we done elected a black man twice — that’s two times. Now you tell me how racism still exists here in the United States. We have bigger fish to fry than bellyaching over nonexistent racism. Things like… have we ever found out where our president was born? Personally, I’d still like to see his birth certificate. And welfare reform — all those freeloaders in the inner city with their Obamaphones, what’s that about? Those are the things that need discussing, not racism.”

When we here at Free Wood Post tried to explain to Mr. Smithson that even his current remarks held racist undertones he said, “Oh geez, stop tryin’ to play the race card just cause I want to know where the president was born. That’s just some socialist liberal hippie bull-poop right there.”

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