Jackson Family to Restore Neverland Ranch for Underprivileged Young Children — Mostly Boys


Neverland Ranch has been neglected since the tragic death of music legend Michael Jackson in 2009, but his family thinks it’s time for a change. Janet Jackson revealed her family’s plans to restore Neverland in an interview at the ranch Thursday morning.

“It makes us really sad to visit the ranch and see it sitting unused and going to waste. Michael loved it here. He just didn’t like how quiet it was. He wanted it full of children, like a real amusement park.”

Janet went on to share that Michael had wished for the fun at Neverland to literally never end; he wanted it to be open twenty-four hours a day.

“He said he wanted to wake up and fall asleep to children’s laughter,” said Janet. “So that’s what we want. We want it to be for underprivileged kids. Kids who, you know, are confused and vulnerable. Those are the kids who deserve it the most.”

The Jacksons are also creating a charity called National Association for Minors with Burdened Lives in America (NAMBLA) in an effort to get others involved in helping children in need. According to Janet, Michael had wanted to create the foundation before his death.

“Michael knew that not all children have good opportunities in life because their families don’t have enough money. They can’t go to their dream school or get the toy they want for Christmas – some can’t even eat dinner every night. That’s why he always said that he wanted to satisfy them, to give them what they want, to make them experience things they have never experienced before.”

At the end of the interview, Janet addressed the child molestation controversy surrounding her brother.

“He would have never, ever done anything like that,” she said. “He was the sweetest person. He did the nicest things for others. He believed in energies, positive energies. He thought Peter Pan was a huge source of positive energy; that’s why he named the ranch Neverland. He even had a Peter Pan doll. He called it P.P. He told me it just radiated positive energy, especially when you touched it, so he would have kids over to touch his P.P. Now does that sound like something a child molester would do?”

Construction is scheduled to begin in spring of 2014. In addition to the upgrade of current buildings and rides, new features will be added to the ranch, including a ball pit, a rocket ride, and bush sculptures in the front; parking will be in the rear.

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