First IRS, now LAPD: Police Unfairly Targeting Vans Made of Marijuana


Tea Party groups roundly criticized their unfair targeting by the Internal Revenue Service. It was certainly unfortunate that the IRS focused their attention on the Tea Party’s vocal anti-tax drumbeats and political maneuverings and not on their main charter of social welfare. The majority of the work of the Tea Party does is not actually anti-tax lobbying or electioneering, but in fact education. They educate the public as to which candidates are secretly Muslim or born in Kenya.

“We don’t tell people which candidates to vote for, ” said one Tea Party member who wished to remain anonymous. “That would be illegal! We simply tell them which candidates to vote against.”

Now comes word that the LAPD may be employing similar despicable strategies in the course of their law enforcement duties. Cheech Marin has now charged the police with unfairly targeting vans made entirely out of marijuana.

“Hey man, I’m just driving my van around, OK? Yes, it’s green like marijuana and smells like marijuana.  Sure, you may get a little buzz near the tailpipe, but none of that stuff is any kinda reason to suspect a guy of anything. They should be pulling more soccer moms over. Do you know how much they must drink? They gotta have a cooler in there or something.”

LAPD was reached for comment and denied the allegation, stating that there’s “no official policy of specifically targeting vans made of marijuana”, but if they find that any of their officers engaged in any kind of systematic enforcement of such, someone “will surely be disciplined.”

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