Bloomberg Sells GOP On Big Gulp Ban By Telling Them It’s A Muslim Footbath

"Bloomberg" "Palin" "Muslim" "footbath" "big" "gulp" "soda"

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has recently been the butt of jokes poking fun at his attempt to ban supersized soft drinks within the city limits of New York. The ban was struck down by a Manhattan judge, but an appeal by the mayor has now attracted the support of local Republicans as well as some national figures such as Sarah Palin. The mayor and his legal team were able to gain support from the GOP by convincing them that 7-11’s Super Big Gulp is frequently used as a Muslim foot bath.

“This is about freedom and when Muslims can wash their feet in a large cup, well, that oppresses all of us and takes away all of the freedoms our founding fathers fought so hard to shrine in to our Constitution,” said Palin. “It’s really a slap in the face to those who hate Muslims, so I think it’s right that we get these things out of the stores before our children are exposed to any more Muslimy things.”

A ruling on the appeal is expected within the next few weeks.


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