Rick Perry Says Marriage Definition Should Be Left Up To Bigoted States

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Texas Governor Rick Perry spoke out yesterday against same-sex marriage, saying that the issue should be left to be decided by bigoted states.

“We have a thing that’s written into the Constitution that says states can make up their own minds about these kinds of things. Some states are just more loving and accepting. If they want to allow each and every citizen to be able to partake in benefits of marriage in a fair and equitable manner, then they can do that. Now, God won’t be happy about that kind of thing, but that’s their right. In Texas, we believe that some people shouldn’t be allowed those rights and we don’t want our religious freedoms… you know… gone against… and the majority makes these kinds of decisions. That’s in the Constitution, too. They call it “majority rules”. And most of Texas doesn’t want homosexuals getting married. Or even being married if they used to live in one of those states that thumb their nose at Jesus and tolerate all people. And those people protesting in Washington… they’re actually the ones being intolerant. They’re not tolerating the loving ways of Jesus Christ. Allowing two loving people to get married is really just one part of this war on religion that liberals are engaging in.”

Perry went on to explain that the founders knew there would be educated states that sought to improve the lot of their entire population and there would be “redneck shitholes like Texas” that would want to force their “warped morality” on everyone. He admonished the crowd that we should “respect the Founding Fathers and their wisdom.”

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