New Celebrity Game Show ‘Boogers’ Picked To Be A Hit Among Easily Entertained Americans

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Studio City, CA — It’s been announced via Hopeless Humanity Suite Productions that a new celebrity game show has been picked up for production to air this fall on ABC.

The new show will be called Boogers and feature eight celebrities vying for the chance to win the desired “Golden Booger.” These celebrities will literally be digging for gold.

There will be several levels of competition from “Booger Art” where celebrities muster up enough mucus to create and art piece on glass and the judges (TBD) will pick who will move on in the competition. There will also be the “Booger Flick” where the competitors will see how far they can flick their boogers, and of course the coveted “Biggest Booger” contest whose name describes itself.

As the celebrities get whittled down week after week the competition will become more and more intense with the details yet to be announced due to the discretion of the production company wanting to keep some aspects of the show under wraps.

Chances are as the seasons progress the competition will open up to the average Americans who will want to highlight their nose-picking skills.

According to the Nielsen Newswire Boogers should be a run away success looking at the progression of Americans seemingly being entertained by practically anything. Also with the somewhat grotesque nature of the show and the possibility for nosebleeds and injury it’s a certain winner. ABC won the bidding war over the chance to air this program as many were disappointed because they know the potential of this gold mine.


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