NASCAR’s NRA 500 Open To All Drivers, No Background Checks Or Safety Training Necessary

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The National Rifle Association (NRA) is excited to be the sponsor of the upcoming Sprint Cup event in Texas on April 13th. They are even more excited to prove a point.

In an effort to show that the rights which should be granted to all gun owners can transfer to all areas of sport Wayne LaPierre is working with Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage to bend the rules of performance and eliminate all need of registering cars for the race and allowing anyone who wants to race to bring their car to the starting line (maybe after drinking a few Buds) to join in the competition. All safety training and background checks for drivers will be also be waived.

NASCAR feels very strongly about everyone’s right to compete in this American past-time no matter what the criminal record or bad driving shows, or even if the driving operators are drunk and untrained. In fact, they feel the more cars on the speedway the safer it will be for everyone.

Gossage was quoted saying, “The only way to take out a bad driver on the speedway is with a good driver,” and “The more cars out there, the safer the competition will be.”

Everyone here at Free Wood Post is excited about the upcoming race. It should make for a very exciting event, and the televised viewership is set to hit record ratings.

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