CPAC 2013 Speakers Romney & Palin Will Discuss Best Ways To Lose Presidential Elections

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This year at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) top conservatives invited both Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin to educate attendees about the best ways to lose presidential elections.

Both Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney seem to be well versed in how to really turn off the American public from ever wanting to vote for them, so they will be revealing their secrets of being defeated to their conservative peers so that they too can repeat the same mistakes in the future.

Back in 2008 Sarah Palin was relatively an unknown name to most Americans. She had been recently elected as governor to the state of Alaska, and Republicans were desperate to put a woman on the presidential ticket. They thought their best bet would be to grab an unknown candidate because they knew all the ones that were known were terribly unpopular. Oh, but Sarah didn’t let them down, she became just as unpopular as all the rest in no time. While she grabbed fame from the right-wing fringe for saying things that catered to only that population, she quickly showed the rest of the nation and the world that she not only had extremist views against minorities and women’s rights, but also was a few sandwich’s short of a picnic unable to list basic foreign policy information, or even the capital of Alaska. Palin plans on bringing her know-how of turning people completely off to her views except for a select extreme-fringe few to CPAC this year.

Most recently Mitt Romney is known for losing the 2012 presidential election to President Barack Obama. He had gained some early political success being governor of Massachusetts for one term, but really that’s the only election he ever won. So of course he would be the Republican top pick for president seeing as he came from a liberal state, passed health care reform similar to that of Obamacare and was from a religion that most in the Republican party think is a cult. Not only was he exactly the perfect candidate to choose to lose, but he also was extremely unappealing as a man who seemed to, in no way, appeal to the average American owning multiple homes in multiple states, carrying bank accounts overseas, notoriously known for outsourcing thousands of American jobs, and completely disregarding 47% of the voting population. It would seem that Romney is a professional at getting people not to vote for him, so he was an obvious choice for CPAC. His knowledge of how to turn off an audience will prove very effective for future Republican candidates to lose their elections as well.

Anticipation for the 2013 CPAC conference is gaining as more speakers are announced. Ted Nugent is supposedly scheduled to appear to talk about appealing to average Americans about sanity and gun safety. All in all, it should be an interesting few days.

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