Hillary Clinton Beginning New Campaign

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It seems that Hillary Clinton is beginning a new chapter in her life as she steps down from being Secretary of State. She’s starting a new campaign within her personal life to “chill out and relax for once.” Something she hasn’t done or been able to do in decades.

She’s bringing this campaign of finally putting her feet up straight to her couch in upstate New York.

“I figured I’d crack open a few cold ones, catch up on Real Housewives, and maybe take a dance class or two” said the former First lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. “I really need to let my head relax and watch some brainless shows on TV, appreciate dinner with Bill, and perhaps sleep in past 6am. I’m really excited about pushing forward with this campaign of doing nothing for once. Who knows how long it will last, but I’m going to enjoy every moment of it.”

We here at Free Wood Post fully endorse Hillary Clinton’s campaign to take it easy for once, and wish her the best. We also wish her the best with any future campaigns.

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