Bachmann Reappointment To The House Intelligence Committee Sparks Global Outcry

"Bachmann" "Intelligence" "committee"

The response was almost instantaneous when House Speaker John Boehner announced he was reappointing Republican Senator Michele Bachmann to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI). Leaders all over the world expressed their outrage and for some outright terror at the thought of such a person having access to sensitive intelligence materials.

The HPSCI deals in classified and highly sensitive global intelligence that affects the lives and safety of all Americans.

Leaders of traditionally Muslim nations were especially worried stating, “She has no grasp on reality. She makes wild accusations that not only bring harm to Americans but to the peoples of other nations. We fear she will ignite another war based solely on her own delusions.”

The delusions to which they refer, are Bachmann’s highly divisive accusations during her ill-fated Presidential run, where she cited her access to classified intelligence reports as her basis for accusing members of the Obama administration including Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Clinton, of being secret agents with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood bent on binging Sharia law to the U.S.

Of course these accusations were proved completely false and Bachmann was suspended from the committee; which is why her reappointment has baffled so many. Even our closest allies have expressed worry and outrage. British Prime Minister David Cameron of the conservative party was overheard complaining to an aide, “That woman belongs in the loony bin and the Americans put her in the highest levels of government. They are ripe for an invasion. They don’t know which way is up.”

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has this to say about Bachmann. “That bitch is bat-shit crazy. I don’t know what the Americans are thinking. She has been caught in so many lies. And she has a complete lack of respect for her fellow civil servants. This appointment reflects badly on all Americans. We just can’t take you seriously anymore”

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