Americans Hoping This is The Last Season of Congress

Although they were sworn in only days ago, the general sentiment towards the 113th Congress already appears to be one of extreme apathy and disgust.

As a result, many industry insiders are hoping that when they reach the end of their current term, the once-popular US Congress, whose ratings have dropped steadily over the last several decades, will not be picked up for another season.

“Let’s face it, Congress has had a good run,” said political analyst Jacob Barnes.  “I mean, history tells us that it was fairly popular during the early years, when its initial members were full of hope and determination to work hard to change the country for the better.  But the past few seasons have been totally embarrassing—and that last one, during the second session of the 112th Congress, completely jumped the shark!  At this point, the only way for them to save face is to just end it already,” he said.  “Even the producers of Jersey Shore recognized when the bloom was off the rose.”

Added Barnes, “Plus, barely anybody can stand to watch Congress anymore—but its members all act as though they’re still popular and relevant.  You would think they’d take the hint.”

Barnes’ attitude is reflected among the general public.  According to a recent poll conducted nationally by Rasmussen Reports, many Americans are actively hoping that Congress will finally be cancelled.

One respondent was shocked to learn that it was even still in session after all these years.

“Congress is still on?” he asked.  “Nobody I know is into them anymore.”

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