Patriots Gronkowski Confuses Meaning Of “Bye” Week

FOXBORO, MA – When the New England Patriots secured a first-round-bye in the NFL playoffs last week, most players prepared for an extra week of rest.

Tight End Rob Gronkowski went on a spending spree, thinking it was spelled “Buy Week.”

“With all the fiscal cliff talk, I thought we were being called to help the economy,” said Gronkowski, who spent most of his money in the Patriots Place shopping area adjacent to Gillette Stadium.

Fellow shoppers said Gronk’s spree included dozens of boxes of cereal, Super Soaker and Nerf toy guns, whoopee cushions and a large amount of sportswear.

“Zubaz pants by the cartful,” said a shopper about Gronkowski’s fashion taste.

The Town of Foxborough reported a significant increase in sales tax revenues during the past week.

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