Pro-Life Promotes Their Cause With Wire Hangers and ‘Back Alley Days’

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In what can only be called the most insane and callous marketing campaign ever. Several pro-life groups have followed the lead of a Cincinnati based dry-cleaner and decided to promote their message on wire coat hangers.

The owners of Springdale dry cleaners started promoting their personal beliefs on their coat hangers back in 2010. Needless to say, they have lost a good deal of business since then. Yet, they persist. Perhaps they don’t realize the correlation to the time before Roe vs. Wade when abortion was illegal and desperate woman had to turn to back alley abortionists.  Coat hangers were often used and more often than not led to the death of the mother. Or worse, they understand it completely.

So, it begs the question, why would national pro-life organizations choose to follow the same deplorable advertising technique? Clearly, there isn’t much thinking going on in those offices. They have even expanded the merchandise available. Not only are they donating dry cleaning hangers to businesses throughout the country, but they now offer hoodies, coffee mugs and ball caps; all with the image of a smiling baby with its head caught in a hanger.

They are now planning a festival of sorts called “Back Alley Days”.  The event will take place over three days in February, throughout the country.  Booths will be set up, literally in back alleys, where women seeking abortions can lay down on flee-ridden blankets and get free abortions from non-medically trained personnel using, you guessed it, the “pro life wire hanger”.

While no-one from the pro-life movement would speak to us on record, one man had this to say when asked about the dangers of such an event. We asked if he was worried that women might die under the unsanitary conditions without the benefit of trained physicians.

“That’s the point. The more mothers that die, the less babies they’ll be able to murder”.  When we pointed out that his statement made absolutely no sense. He stared back at us blankly, popped open a Pabst Blue ribbon and screamed, “America”.

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