Aaron Rodgers Disappointed In Fantasy Stats

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GREEN BAY, WI – Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for Occupy Wall Street, Green Bay Packers and thousands of other teams, spoke to the press Sunday night to apologize to all his various team owners for his sub-par performance.

“Sure, the Green Bay team won a game which was nice, but the vast majority of my teams were in the playoffs this week,” said Rodgers. “I just feel like I let them down in a crucial part of the season.”

The Packers won the game on Sunday against the Lions but Rodgers was quick to point out it was only a regular season game whereas most fantasy leagues are now in the playoffs.

“I have to look in the mirror this morning and realize I let HoneyBadger28765, IHeartSnooki and thousands more like them down,” said Rodgers. “I have to live with that.”

BradyBunch12 team owner Rick Moulton, during a press conference in his mother’s basement, called out Rodgers publicly.

“My league has a Hooters dinner riding on this,” Moulton lamented. “I could almost taste those chicken wings.”

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