Anti-Gay Group ‘One Million Moms’ Actually Made Up Of One Guy

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You may have heard of the anti-gay group One Million Moms, which is actually only made up of 40,000 members, and their various protests against TV shows and corporations that feature anything gay.

Their tactic has been to try to get large portions of the populace to boycott and email blast the offending network or corporation. To date they have failed miserably. Having gone after NBC’s The New Normal several times to no avail, and attacking J Lo’s new ABC Family show The Fosters, which hasn’t even aired yet. Currently, they are back on the attack of JC Penny.

They first went after JCPenney for using out comedienne and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson. Now, they are livid with JCP and their use of Ellen in their currently running Christmas campaign.

One Million Moms state on their website that, “As a member of a group of one million moms all fighting together, your voice can have a powerful impact. Money is the name of the game for those who exploit, and they are exploiting our children for their financial gain. Just imagine the influence you can have by joining with one million other moms! That represents economic power! When one million moms speak as a unified voice, letting it be known that we will fight with our dollars, YOUR VOICE WILL BE HEARD!”

Now it is perfectly reasonable for a group to voice their opposition to, well, anything. That is in fact, the American way. The problem behind the group One Million Moms is that there are, in fact, not one million moms. As stated above there are barely 40,000 moms listed as members. New evidence shows that One Million Moms is actually just one person. All the member email addresses were traced to a single IP address; that of an unemployed 49-year-old MALE Tea Party member living in Arkansas.

It turns out this man whom we’ll call Buford, because that’s his name, is a defrocked minister with so much time on his hands that he created 40,000 fake ID’s so he could attack whatever company he wanted.

Buford is now being investigated for fraud on an epic scale. The bright side to the story is he is a top contender for troll of the year.

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