(Hot Mic) Bob Costas: Availability Of Fox News Leads To Uninformed And Stupid Americans

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Recently Sports Anchor Bob Costas caught a lot of flack from conservative critics who were disappointed that he would use his  football commentating position to go after gun ownership. He said after the murder/suicide of Kansas City Chiefs Jovan Belcher that “the availability of guns makes mayhem easier.” Costas was quoting a Jason Whitlock column and seemed to agree with the sentiment.

Now with as many arguments that can be made from either side of the gun issue, there is a new opinion from the sportscaster which also seems to be getting him into a bit of hot water with conservatives as well.

Costas was talking with some of the crew-members during a commercial break of his segment during halftime of Sunday Night Football. Apparently, he failed to turn off his mic during the break (or maybe he forgot it was on) and started on a rant about Fox News. His producers overheard the entire conversation with one reporting the story directly to Free Wood Post.

Costas was heard saying, “What the hell is with Fox News?! I mean really. Who the fuck do they think they are to always come in on the wrong side of history? Did you see this past election? All they did was deny the fact that Obama won until they couldn’t deny it any longer. They’re pathetic. Their viewers are pathetic. All they are is an extension of the Republican Party. Seriously, the availability of Fox News leads to uninformed and stupid Americans. It should be banned. They are dumbing down our nation. I see it when I travel in every airport, bar, and hotel lobby. It’s as if they are turning Americans into mindless drones to screw them over with Republican messaging that they have no clue is horrendously damaging for them…. What? We’re back on if five seconds? Okay… ” 

It seems the NBC producer of Sunday Night Football is an avid Fox News supporter and was outraged at Costas’ comments. He is staying anonymous, but wanted to make sure the American public knew all about the opinionated mayhem Costas seems to be bringing these days. Whether it be able to be criticized or not.

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