Sarah Palin Demands That Obama Bring Ben Gazzy to Justice

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Former Alaska Governor  and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin continued her verbal attacks on President Obama regarding, presumably the attacks on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, during a spot this week on the Fox News Channel.

“Americans have been asking these questions and the President has just lied and covered things up with the help of the LSM lamestream media.  Ben Gazzy killed 4 Americans on American soil in Namibia, and President Obama has not come clean about Mr. Gazzy’s whereabouts and what he’s doing to find him. Why has he not hunted down Mr. Gazzy? That great Patriotic American John McCain, who so proudly placed his trust in me as his Vice Presidential candidate during which election we were unfairly portrayed by that lamestream media, is trying to form a special committee to find out where Gazzy is and what did Obama know about him and why did he lie and does he have any videos on Youtube.  I personally think we should really have a special special committee, a double special committee if you will, because that’s what it will take to see through all of those lies and jive talkings and such that we are getting from the White House. If I were President, Ben Gazzy would be held accountable for his terroristic actions, but again we see a failure of leadership by the ‘President’…”

Benghazi is a city in Libya where an American embassy came under attack by terrorist elements in early September of this year. To date, there has been no one identified as Ben Gazzy, though Free Wood Post will update readers should that change in the future. Senator McCain had no comment, though we did hear what sounded like a palm slapping a face.

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